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Bridgeford Alternators is a well-known Singaporean brand that supplies brushless synchronous alternators from 6.5kW to 2500kW.

Bridgeford Alternators have been supplying to partner locations throughout Southeast Asia; Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. The alternators are manufactured in China and we ensure that it holds to our strictest quality controls.

Bridgeford manufactured strictly according to international standards as well. We believe in going the extra mile for both quality and customer satisfaction. Supplying quality products and services to various industries worldwide.

Innovative and patented world-leading technology combination, compact and light-weight design, H class insulation, high accuracy and durable AVR and exciting system.

BR Series Generator

Standard Features
  • Comply with the most common standard in terms of GB755, IEC60034, BS5000, VDE0530, CSAC22.2-100
  • Single or double bearings are available, options for all kinds of adaptors and disc plates
  • 12-end reconnectable winding terminals to get different voltages
  • Standard “H” insulation class
  • Convenient installation and maintenance for lead-end rotated diodes and adaptor connected bolts
  • Standard sealed maintenance - free bearings
  • Standard IP23 protection, optional serve environment protection
  • Optional auxiliary winding in excitation system
  • Optional transformer-controlled system to increase motor starting capability
  • Winding RTD
  • Winding protection thermistor and relay
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Air filter
  • Droop CT



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