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Cummins Engine

Cummins Power Generation is a global provider of power generation systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. Cummins Power Generation also provides a full range of services and solutions, including long-term operation and maintenance and turnkey and temporary power solutions.

All aspects of generator set design, manufacture and service have been brought together in one company. All the major components – the engine, alternator and control systems – are manufactured by Cummins. This integrated approach means each element of a generating set is matched to work in harmony from the start.


Powerzone Generator sets are fully integrated power generation systems, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for stationary standby, prime power, and continuous duty applications. Powerzone diesel Generators deliver reliable power, low emissions, and fast response to load changes.

The Control Systems are standard equipment and provides total generator system integration, including automatic remote starting/stopping, precise frequency and voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, output metering, and auto-shutdown. 


Open Type Generator Set: 

  1. Heavy duty steel channel base frame for Open Type generator sets. 
  2. Heavy duty Industrial type Silencer + Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust Bellow.
  3. The Generator sets are mounted with Rubber Diagonal Isolators (RDI) specially designed for Anti-Vibration between engine/alternators and base frame, to prevent distortion in the voltage and harmonic output of the generator.
  4. Genset Circuit Breaker and Large Capacity Skid Base Fuel Tank for engine below 250 kVA, above the 250 kVA fuel tank is optional.
  5. 230/380V with 3 phase / 4 wire, @ 1500rpm / 50 Hz 

Soundproof Canopy Generator Set: 

  1. Standard 4-point lift with side ladder and forklift slots.
  2. Proper surface preparation with sand blast, primer and topcoat.
  3. Air inlet filter.
  4. Container roof structure designed to allow extension of the exhaust pipe up to 6m.
  5. All hardware including door, hinges and louvres are within the envelope of the container.
  6. Heavy duty door hardware and stainless-steel hinges.
  7. Durable metal flooring inside the container.
  8. Well insulated exhaust silencer mounted inside the container with rain cap.
  9. Large louvred double access doors with removable dust filers; side doors access.
  10. Controller accessible from outside of the container.
  11. External topping points and drain points for fuel, oil & water.
  12. 50 Hz – 89 dBA @ 1m at 75% load
  13. 60 Hz – 87 dBA @ 7m at 75% load 

Deepsea Control System With AMF + Auto Start/Stop 

  1. Tachometer, Hour Meter, Volt charging meter, Oil Pressure gauge, High Engine Temperature gauge.
  2. Volt meter with selector + Change-over switch.
  3. Amp meter with selector + Change-over switch.
  4. Frequency / Rpm meter.
  5. Safety shutdown protection for low oil pressure and engine over speed. 

Optional Supply 

  1. Weather proof / Soundproof / Super soundproof enclosure. 
  2. Mobile trailer. 
  3. Remote radiator cooling, Engine / Alternator heaters. 
  4. Auto load sharing and synchronising panel. 
  5. Auto Transfer Switch. 

Ratings based on ISO3046, BS5514, DIN6271, +- 5% tolerance. Standard reference conditions: air inlet temperature 27C, altitude 100m asl, fuel weight on 0.85kg/l, fuel consumption @75% prime load. 

Prime rating: Continuous running at variable load. No limit to the annual hours to operation. 10% overload capability for 1 hour in any 12 hours. 

Standby rating: Emergency power at variable load in the event of utility power failure. No overload is permitted. •Deration may be necessary at certain voltages. 

Due to continually improved products, we reserve the right to make changes in model, technical specs, colour, etc without prior notice.



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