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Standard Features


The 4016-TAG2A Electropaks is a newly developed turbo charged, air to air charge cooled, 12 cylinder diesel engine. Offered with either Temperate or Tropical cooling packages (with or without fuel oil cooling). Their premium design and specification features provide economic and durable operation as well as exceptional power to weight ratio, improved serviceability, low gaseous emissions, overall performance and reliability essential to the power generation market.


Single bearing alternators, brushless, self-exciting, self-regulating with class H insulation, permanent magnet generator system, screen protected and constructed to meet BS 5000. Voltage regulation is within +/- 1.5% from no load to full load. Alternators are tropicalized and drip proof to Ip23.


The diesel engine and alternator are mounted on anti-vibration mounting on a fabricated steel skid base.
Alternator is coupled to the engine flywheel by means of a flexible disc. The genset is load tested to ensure correct operation and finished with 2 coats of industrial high gloss paint.


The DSE7320 is an Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module suitable for a wider variety of single, diesel or gas, gen-set applications. Monitoring an extensive number of engine parameters, the modules will display warnings, shutdown and engine status information on the back-lit LCD screen, illuminated LEDs, remote PC and via SMS text alerts (with external modem). The DSE7320 will also monitor the mains (utility) supply. The modules include USB, RS232 and RS485 ports as well as dedicated DSENet ® terminals for system expansion.
Both modules are compatible with electronic (CAN) and non-electronic (magnetic pick-up / alternator sensing) engines and offer an extensive number of flexible inputs, outputs and extensive engine protections so the system can be easily adapted to meet the most demanding industry requirements. The modules can be easily configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software. Selected front panel editing is also available.

Economic Power

  • Individual four valve per cylinder heads give optimised gas flows, whilst digitally governed unit fuel injectors ensure ultra-fine fuel atomisation and hence controlled rapid combustion, for efficiency and economy.
  • Commonality of components with other engines in the 4000 Series family allows reduced parts stocking levels for the end users.

Reliable Power

  • Developed and tested using the latest engineering techniques.
  • Piston temperatures are controlled by an advanced gallery jet cooling system.
  • All engines are tolerant of a wide range of temperatures without derate.
  • Service is provided through the extensive Perkins network of distributors and dealers worldwide.

Clean and efficient Power

  • Exceptional power to weight ratio and compact size for easier transportation and installation.
  • New designed radiator assembles with corrosion inhibiting powder coated. Surfaces; fewer pipe joints and easier access to reduce maintenance times.
  • Designed to provide excellent service access for ease of maintenance.
  • Engines designed to comply with major international standards.
  • Low gaseous emissions that will satisfy the requirements of ½ TALuft (1986).