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Standard Features


These new ElectropaK provide compact power, from a robust family of 3 and 4 cylinder diesel engines designed to provide economic and durable operation at Prime and Standby duties, hitting the key power nodes required by the power generation industry.


Single bearing alternators, brushless, self-exciting, self-regulating with class H insulation, permanent magnet generator system, screen protected and constructed to meet BS 5000. Voltage regulation is within +/- 1.5% from no load to full load. Alternators are tropicalized and drip proof to Ip23.


The diesel engine and alternator are mounted on anti-vibration mounting on a fabricated steel skid base. Alternator is coupled to the engine flywheel by means of a flexible disc. The genset is load tested to ensure correct operation and finished with 2 coats of industrial high gloss paint.


The DSE6020 can be utilised as a Manual or Auto Start Module for Single gen-set applications or engine only applications. The module has been designed to work electronic and non-electronic engines, providing advanced engine monitoring and protection features. The DSE6020 includes a back-lit icon LCD display which clearly shows the status of the engine at all times. The module monitors engine speed, frequency, voltage and engine run hours and also display the warning and shutdown status. The module includes fixed and flexible outputs as well as configurable inputs making this products ideal for a wide variety of applications. The module can either be programmed using the front panel or by using the DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.

Power by your needs

  • The 403D-15G ElectropaK is a powerful but quiet 1.1 litre naturally aspirated 3-cylinder compact package

Compact, Clean and Efficient Power

  • Design features on the 400D range of ElectropaK ensures clean rapid starting in all conditions whilst delivering impressive performance with low operating costs in a small, efficient package size

Lower Operating Costs

  • The compact package size makes installation and transportation easier and more cost effective
  • Operating and maintenance costs are reduced through excellent fuel and oil economy
  • Service intervals are set at 500 hours as standard and Perkins provides comprehensive warranty cover for two years, with three years on major engine components. A low usage warranty package is also available
  • Certified against the requirements of EU2007 (EU97/68/EC Stage II) and EPA Tier 4 Final (EPA 40 CFR Part 1039 Tier 4) legislation for non-road mobile machinery, powered by constant speed engines

Long-term Power Solution

  • The 400D range of ElectropaK has been designed to fully comply with stringent EU and EPA emissions regulations, providing and emissions compliant power solution for the future